Main Guild Programme for 2022


All Guild members meet in the Mary Tavy Coronation Hall on the first Saturday of each month between 10:30 and 3:30.


 We would still ask you to:

  1. Please wear masks inside, use the hand sanitizer and adhere to social distancing to protect yourself and others.
  2. We will be opening windows to ensure good ventilation and if it's a nice day some of you may prefer to sit outside. 
  3. Please bring your own drinks as we still have to clean the premises after the meetings and this will cut down the workload for us.
  4. Please use the cleaning products in the toilets to disinfectant after use.

January 8th All About wheels
This session will help you discover how to oil (or not!) your wheel, when to replace the drive or scotch tension bands, replace your spring with an elastic band and how to make the best of the ratios found on most modern wheels. We might be able to try different wheels, owners permitting, so you can decide what to save up for!

February 5th Four Corners Art Yarns
This session is to prepare for a workshop that Kate Eldridge is giving in April, to show us how to make jewellery out of fancy yarns. We think it might be useful to check that those who want to take part start with a basic idea of how to make some of these yarns.

March 5th Four Corners, Animal fibres other than wool
Lots of animals produce fibre, among them alpaca, angora goats (mohair), angora bunnies (angora), camels, musk ox, possum, wallaby, dogs, etc. And silk, of course. Often a little of these blended together make a really special yarn. Possum and silk is just gorgeous.

April 2nd Kate Eldridge’s Art Yarn Jewellery
Kate will show us how to incorporate beads into yarn, how to attach findings to our yarns to create pieces we can wear, bring lovely things to sell and if we have enough interest, is happy to continue the workshop over another day (or 2, or 3...)

May 7th The Exeter Cloth Despatch Book, Dr Todd Gray
The Exeter Cloth Book is the result of the amazing find of an 18C book of cloth samples belonging to an Exeter cloth merchant. This find is extraordinary and rare and has enabled us to begin to understand much about the history of the textile industry in Exeter at the time. The samples are all naturally dyed, of course, because it predates the discovery of synthetic dyes by nearly a century. Dr Gray is a research fellow at Exeter University and is
the editor of this book, as well as a contributor. His talk begins at 2 pm. And we respectfully ask if you would refrain from spinning, knitting,
etc., during the talk. In the morning we will look at a fleece for the fleece study. Alpaca has been suggested.

June 4th Prepare to Resist
July 2nd Four Corners Dyeing
These 2 meetings are linked in order to give you the chance to get the most out of the dyeing. We will be having natural and synthetic dyes, including indigo, batik and shibori. Weavers might like the opportunity to dye an ikat warp. Shibori is the art of stitch resist and we can investigate various patterns using stitch, clamping, tying and anything else we can think of. Of course, you are free to dye yarn and fibre, too.

August 6th
Traditionally we have had a picnic and even further back we used to go out for iit. This year Val Grainger, formerly of the Woolly Shepherd, is having an open weekend at her small holding in north Cornwall and would welcome some spinners and weavers to demonstrate. She has a flock of Ouissant sheep, some imported from France, and her aim is to educate the public about organic animal care, the use of wool and such. The event is over 2 days, Saturday and Sunday so it might be possible to cover both.

September 3rd Colour Blending and Combination Spinning
Colour blending on carders, hackles, combs, drum carder, etc. Combination spinning is a technique learnt by some of our members at a workshop on the Majacraft Retreat and they will be showing us how it works.

October 1st Flax and Cotton
A day of learning how to spin with cotton and flax , both of which provide different challenges from wool

November 5th
Long draw, short draw, how to spin them, why one technique may be better than another for a particular purpose

December 3rd AGM


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