Weave Group Programme for 2021


The Weaving Group meets in the Mary Tavy Coronation Hall once a month on the second Friday in the month.


In addition to the programme specifics we will also cover mending – what to do when you break a warp thread, create a float by mistake, or various other mishaps occur. Weavers will go to quite considerable lengths to avoid unweaving as it very time consuming and very disheartening. Professional weavers would never get anything finished if they unwove every time they made a mistake. That’s where mending comes in, either on or off the loom. I propose that when the samples are being woven on the guild looms and an error occurs, we take the opportunity to demonstrate how to repair it. Life being what it is, we might have to create an error or two as just as the way to create a perfect selvedge is to design your cloth to be cut up, when you are hoping for errors to repair you are likely to find there aren’t any!

August 13th, 2021: We would still ask you to:

  1. Please wear masks inside, use the hand sanitizer and adhere to social distancing to protect yourself and others.
  2. We will be opening windows to ensure good ventilation and if it's a nice day some of you may prefer to sit outside. 
  3. Please bring your own drinks as we still have to clean the premises after the meetings and this will cut down the workload for us.
  4. Please use the cleaning products in the toilets to disinfectant after use.

September 10th, 2021: Monthly meeting.


To aid the planning our future meeting topics, this is a record of what we had planned 16 months ago:


March 13th 2020

Help available for those on Laura’s Leno workshop, if needed. Individual weaving and weaving samples on guild loom

Good Friday April 10th

Warp loom 2

All day for those who need help warping. This loom will be used for hand manipulated techniques and we will look at some of those, too.

May 22nd

Morning: Turning a draft Afternoon individual weaving including samples. We hope to have all guild looms clear by the end of the June meeting

June 12th

Show and tell, especially samples from Laura and from the guild looms, and any of the work we’ve done so far

July 10th

Painting a warp and a look at ikat

August 7th

Dressing guild looms with ikat and painted warps made last month and beginning samples

September 11th

3D Weaving How can 3D shapes be created on a flat warp? Freeform weaving on a non-loom object, differential shrinkage, double cloth incorporating differential shrinkage, loom controlled leno, any others? Continue weaving samples

October 9th

Recycling. How can we recycle yarns, fabric, etc., in our weaving? We can look at bags woven with cut up plastic weft, rag rugs, old T shirt items (stretchy so good for bags). Weaving individual and samples

November 13th

Book reviews – any good books published this year that we need for the library or to put on a Christmas list?

December 11th

Challenge reveal, show and tell, and lunch at the pub.

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