Weave Group Programme for 2022


The Weaving Group meets in the Mary Tavy Coronation Hall once a month on the second Friday in the month.


August 13th, 2021: We would still ask you to:

  1. Please wear masks inside, use the hand sanitizer and adhere to social distancing to protect yourself and others.
  2. We will be opening windows to ensure good ventilation and if it's a nice day some of you may prefer to sit outside. 
  3. Please bring your own drinks as we still have to clean the premises after the meetings and this will cut down the workload for us.
  4. Please use the cleaning products in the toilets to disinfectant after use.


We alternate the meetings so that one meeting runs thus:
Meet, coffee, set up our looms and get weaving. We’ll carry on till lunchtime then have our chat as we eat with one of our topics being the plan for the following work meeting. Then meet again at about 3.30 to talk about what’s gone wrong/right/what we might need for supplies, etc. before going home. Normally this pattern would start with:

  • September with an individual work day,
  • October with a weaving activity,
  • November an individual day,
  • December a topic day.

However, December we often do something festive so perhaps the next topic day might move to January. We don’t want to plan the topics too far ahead for
various reasons: if several people are interested in double weave, say, and we plan it for November 2022, that’s an awfully long time to wait. A decision made 2 months in advance gives us time to collect materials and do any preparatory work before we begin but also keeps us up to date with what people might enjoy or need to explore.

Given the interest shown in ikat, in September 2021 we set up a
reasonably straightforward wrapping system and members made their warps beforehand and tied them at guild meeting using old plastic bags, cling film, heat shrinking electrical sleeving, tightly wrapped yarn, dental floss, clingfilm, etc.


We’d love you to put your thinking caps on for the next topic. It could be a trouble shooting session, or something like writing your own draft, or anything else you can think of. We want to group to be enjoyable but also to add to everyone’s skills. That’s always been our aim but it’s proved a bit tricky to find a way to do it. We think it’s worth giving this a try.

In addition to the programme specifics we will also cover mending – what to do when you break a warp thread, create a float by mistake, or various other mishaps occur. Weavers will go to quite considerable lengths to avoid unweaving as it very time consuming and very disheartening. Professional weavers would never get anything finished if they unwove every time they made a mistake. That’s where mending comes in, either on or off the loom. I propose that when the samples are being woven on the guild looms and an error occurs, we take the opportunity to demonstrate how to repair it. Life being what it is, we might have to create an error or two as just as the way to create a perfect selvedge is to design your cloth to be cut up, when you are hoping for errors to repair you are likely to find there aren’t any!

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